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Nowadays, with the busy working life, people are getting used to fast food products. Fast food is one of the favorite foods of young customers, especially teenagers. Therefore, B’s Mart has paid a deep attention to develop fast food category with different choices for customers:

Rice ball:  this is one of the most favorite food in B’s mart convenience store due to its nature of convenience. There are many different kinds of rice balls in B’s mart store including: Tuna Mayonnaise, Salmon Mayonnaise, Ebikatsu Egg Mayonnaise, Spicy Grilled Chicken,… Its perfect quality and taste will definitely satisfy customers. 

Sandwich is common food for both adult and children. It is a widely popular type of lunch food, typically taken to work, school, or to be eaten when going picnics. Sandwich is now available in all B’s mart stores in different flavors such as: Sandwich Tuna Egg Mayonnaise, Sandwich Salmon Mayonnaise, Fried Chicken, Sandwich Ham Cheese…

Fast food: B’s mart is now serving customers abundant choices of fast foods and we can totally assure for the quality and safeness of all fast food products. Some items that have already got high interest from customers including: Special Fried Chicken, Smoked Sausage, Chicken Wings BBQ, Mayonnaise Spring Roll...         

Lunch Box: this product is specially made for students having short breaking time. Our purpose aims to bring quickness, convenience but also delicious, nutritious lunch for customers.

Bun: all of buns sold in B’s mart are supplied by Agrex Sai Gon Join Stock Company which is one of the leading companies in seafood processing in Vietnam. Therefore, customers can totally feel assured for the quality.

Bakery: bread is a simple,common but convevient food nowadays. In B’s mart stores, we serve customers various kinds of breads from 3 big bakery suppliers including: Bread Talk, Savoure, and ABC.

Rice Burger: B’s mart always tries to bring delicious and enrich fast food to customers with the goal “Fast and Fresh”. Customers can purchase the famous Rice Burger from VietMac in all B’s mart stores.  It is instant fast food; customers are definitely enjoyed the meal without spending so much time to go fast food restaurants. You will be served the same quality food after 3 minutes reheat in microwave, with reasonable price in our chains. 

Sticky rice: packed sticky rices in B's mart are supplied by VietMac, bringing to customers various choices: 3 savors sticky rice, 10 savors sticky rice and chicken sticky rice. Only after few minutes reheat, you would have a delicious dish of sticky rice. This product is suitable for breakfast or tea break time. 

Rice pizza: this is a new type of food in B's mart, Rice Pizza is a mixed between western pizza and vietnamese rice. the product brings new and delicious taste. It is the best choice for customer who is in rush. Rice pizzas from VietMac brand, which are not only able to ensure the quality of the product but also bring convenience to customers


Rice ball
Lunch Box
Fast food
Rice burger
Sticky rice
Rice pizza
Main ingredients of Kimbap Scrab Stick and Sausage include crab sticks, sausages which are perfectly combined with cucumber and radish. You can easily feel the toughness of crab sticks, special flavor of sausage, crunchy of cucumber and specific radish aroma. All will create you a chance . . .
Period : 17/03/2014 To 27/03/2019
Price : 18,000 VND
Kimbap is ranked at the second popular dish in Korea. Our purpose is to bring this famous delicious Korean dish to customers conveniently. B's mart would like to introduce a new product called "Kimbap Bacon - Fried Egg" which is a fine combination of . . .
Period : 17/03/2014 To 26/03/2019
Price : 18,000 VND
Sushi Salad is a harmonious combination of sweetness from egg, toughness from crab stick, and freshness from Dalat cucumber. All are finely mixed to bring a fresh and new taste to customer. This sushi salad would be much more delicious when enjoying with gari (salted ginger) come . . .
Period : 05/03/2014 To 01/04/2019
Price : 18,000 VND
Rice ball is one of the favorite foods of young people in the “Land of rising sun”. You can try Tuna Mayo Rice Ball which is now one of our best sellers. Tuna fish is imported from Indonesia, which has high nutrition and vitamins, especially good human . . .
Period : 05/03/2014 To 01/04/2019
Price : 8,000 VND
Ebikatsu Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich is full of nutrition because of its healthy ingredients. When enjoying this product, customers can taste the well marinated shrimp powder, combined with egg and Kewpie Mayonnaise Sauce which can totally delight customer’s taste. This . . .
Period : 05/03/2014 To 01/04/2019
Price : 18,000 VND
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