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Confectionary is one of the most diversified categories in B’s mart convenience stores with many different products from various famous suppliers such as: crispy snacks of Poca, Oishi, or Ostar; candies of Fox, Alpenliebe, and Haribo…; cookies of Ritz, Oreo, or Cream-O, gums, chocolates, beans, nuts... from many different famous brands such as: Poca, Oishi, Oreo, Cream-O, Ritz, Pocky, Meiji, Hershey,… These products will be part of bringing great moments for customers.

Kit Kat is achocolate biscuit bar product which is also a delicious combination of smooth milk chocolate and light, crispy wafers you love. Enjoying Kit Kat not only bring you great moments but also contribute you a balance meal . . .
Period : 05/03/2014 To 01/04/2019
Price : 6,000 VND
Poca Butter Popcorn (Caramel Flavor) is made from imported popcorn from Australia, premium imported butter from New Zealand and special Caramel flavor of Poca. All are perfectly combined to create a product that can satisfy all customers by its excellent taste . . .
Period : 05/03/2014 To 01/04/2019
Price : 6,000 VND
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