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Beverage is one of important categories of B’s mart. We always try to enrich product line to give our best serve to customers. We are proud to supply various kinds of beverages including: carbonated drinks, water, fruit juice, functional drinks, energy drinks, canned teas and coffees… with high level of product quality from many different famous partners at very competitive prices. With variety of choices, B’s mart is able to serve many different kinds of customers. All of beverage products are from well-known brands such as Pepsico, Coca Cola, URC, Tan Hiep Phat... Customers can assure the quality and safeness of products.

Carbonated Drinks
Mineral Water
Fruit Juice
Functional Drinks
Energy Drinks
Bottled Green Tea
Kokozo juice imported from Thailand proportion of pure fruit juice and 25% mixed with coconut jelly in proportion so this is appropriate beverage products very good for health. Kokozo melon juice with pure melon flavor, mild taste, more delicious when you drink cold will help relieve . . .
Period : 16/04/2014 To 16/04/2019
Price : 10,500 VND
Red Bull is one of the first energy drink appeared in the market. Today, it is a very popular drink to lots of people, especially to the youth. This product will give you more energy for your hard working/ studying day or when playing sport . . .
Period : 05/03/2014 To 01/04/2019
Price : 10,000 VND
C2 is delicately brewed from 100% natural green tea leaves and bottled on the same day.This product will provide customers a delicious taste to enjoy the healthy refreshing goodness of C2 Green Tea.  . . .
Period : 05/03/2014 To 31/03/2019
Price : 6,500 VND
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