B’s mart was officially launched in June 20 2013 and up to now we have had over 150 convenience stores in Ho Chi Minh City. In future, B’s mart will rapidly expand our business over the country with an ambition to be the largest convenience store chain in Vietnam

Along with the rapid social development and high consumer demand, B’s mart promises to bring our customers high consuming value through 4 essential guidelines:

·         Be convenient 24/7

Open 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, B’s mart is always ready to serve our customers anytime, anywhere

·         Save shopping time

B’s mart convenient store chain was born to help our busy customers, travelers saving shopping time

·         Satisfy customers’ demand

B’s mart always pay high attention to expanding our product line, bringing stable price to customers, and maintaining high product quality in order to best match with most consumer expense budget. In any B’s mart convenience stores, customers can easily find products that can satisfy their needs from food, beverage, confectionery to personal care products in a modern, clean, and comfortable shopping area. Moreover, B’s mart also provides customers other convenient services such as: ATM, Top up card, etc…

·         Serve customers in a modern style

Another element B’s mart gives high interest in is building enthusiastic and dynamic staffs to serve our customers in a thoughtful and whole-hearted manner. All B’s mart staffs are trained to welcome customers with happy smiles and high respect. Besides that, each B’s mart store was carefully designed in order to create a comfortable shopping environment for our value customers   

           ·         To be community's destination, offering the best valued products and services in everyday life.


·         To provide customers with consistency quality goods and services at the reasonable price.

·         To be recognized as a good business partners to all suppliers.

·         To develop our people capability in order to provice good services to customers.