Confidential Policy

Welcome to the Confidential Policy of B’s mart. The purpose of this policy is to provide more details about personal information that we collect from you through; and also to give general policy of how we collect and use your personal information

The confidential policy is only applied for the official website, no effect for any websites linked with

B’s mart might change this policy in order to serve customers in better way. We give our best to keep your personal information privately and to minimize unexpected problems.


1.       Information collection

We save your collected personal information; therefore, every time you visit the site, you do not need to repeat that information. It brings convenience to customers when you want to take a look any particular product without spending too much time. Moreover, information collection helps us to have more understanding about our customers, targeted group to support product development. When you register an account in, we hope to get accurate information from you.

The provided information includes: Name/age/gender/occupation/address/email address and mobile contact number. This information could help us to recognize you when you visit

When you CLICK “REGISTER” to send your personal information successfully, all terms and policies are agreed by you. We guarantee to our customers that all personal information is kept safely and privately.

2.       Information use

B’s mart uses your personal information with suitable purposes and follows this confidential policy. Moreover, we also send all updated promotions, new products, new convenient services and private information to you through email.

3.       Unsubscribe/email rejection

If you wish to unsubscribe information that we send to you by email, you can make a request not to receive email by B’s mart though the customer information in We will conduct this request and change it as soon as possible.

If you need more information, please contact to us by sending email to

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